Sirous JowkarManaging Director
    As the founder of JahangirArya Company, active in Automotive sales and after sales for some of the word class brands such as TOTOYA, BMW, AUDI, HUNDAI and KIA, and also as the founder of JNA, as the official distributor of NISSAN Motor Company in IRAN he has proven to be one of the main players with an outstanding performance in CBU imports .
    Parisa SarmastChairman of the board
    Her laudable knowledge in the realm of the financial sciences has brought an eminent and key role in the whole group success. As the managing director of JahangirArya Company and the chairman of JNA, she has managed to bring a global trust from the view of our stakeholders from outside IRAN to the group. Her spectacular dexterity on Administration and Human Resource management has offered an effective and flexible organizational structure in all subsidiaries to lead the group to success.


    3th Floor, Bucharest Tower,
    Ahmad Ghasair Ave.,Tehran, Iran